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It is impossible to see, let alone understand and appreciate Russia and her people in just one or two visits. From the mountains to the steppes, the taiga to the tundra, very distinct cultures have evolved and still thrive throughout Russia, arguably the most culturally diverse country in the world. Such is the complex nature of her origins, conquests and defeats, both ancient and recent, that no comprehensive overview of Russia’s history and its people exists.

Those who have travelled the Trans Siberian Railway, toured Moscow and St Petersburg, and visited the Golden Ring are ready to go beyond city boundaries and the narrow confines of railway lines. To really know Russia and Russians is to travel the back roads sharing cups of tea and glasses of vodka, getting to know the local people in their day-to-day existence.

Just Russia Travel’s association and fascination with Russia started in 1993 when we chartered a polar research vessel from the Far Eastern Hydrological and Metrological Institute in Vladivostok. That voyage opened our eyes and our hearts to a unique and beautiful land whose people have been shaped by a tragic and tumultuous history. Our sister company, Heritage Expeditions, (www.heritage-expeditions.com) offers an excellent selection of expedition cruises through the Russian Far East.

Just Russia Travel offers something else altogether. After numerous private expeditions and excursions and hours of research and interviews, we want to share some rather special travel opportunities. The majority of these are not standard tours. You won’t find them in the brochure rack at your local travel agency, although we are happy to work with your travel agent. These are truly unique travel experiences, a host of out-of-the-way adventures interspersed with a smattering of popular tours and cruises.

For the seasoned Russian traveller with a particular destination or experience in mind, we will leverage our extensive network of guides, agents and contacts throughout Russia to make it happen. Just Russia Travel offers a genuine one-stop Russia travel shop. From developing bespoke itineraries to procuring letters of invitation, visas, permits, permissions, transport, accommodation and translation services, we take care of all details with up-to-date local knowledge. We have an extensive database of Russian travelholics (you would be surprised how many there are), so you will be in great company. 

For real discovery in the Russian hinterland, bookmark www.justrussiatravel.com now or contact us for more information. We will be adding new programs, special expeditions and cruises that will thrill even the most seasoned Russia afficionados.

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