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Aeroexpress Trains to Vladivostok

Aeroexpress launched new intermodal railway services in Vladivostok. Now regular trains running across the route between Vladivostok and Knevichi Airport stop at intermediary stations, including Vtoraya Rechka, Ugolnaya, and Airport (Artyom).
You can purchase Aeroexpress tickets from ticket offices, ticket vending machines, conductors at stations en route, at the Knevichi airport, and at rail terminals in Vladivostok. Uniform conditions of carriage for passengers and baggage are applicable aboard all Aeroexpress trains.

Aeroexpress trains run according to the daily schedule, including on weekends and holidays.

Map of Aeroexpress Terminal Location


Transfers available: From Airport to a Hotel by taxi: 60 USD (4 people maximum);

                                                                          100 USD (8 people maximum);

The same charges for a return (Hotel-Airport);

Please contact Just Russia Travel directly for more detailed information.



One way trip


Baggage,including a TV set (For individuals carrying extra baggage of up to 50 kg, the standard baggage weight is 36 kg, and the height-width-length dimensions shall not exceed 180 cm) -3,5 USD

Ticket issue aboard the train (for individuals bying tickets aboard trains, there is an extra charge for ticket issue)- 1,8 USD

Aeroexpress Trains to Vladivostok itinerary:

From the Knevichi Airport to the Vladivostok Rail Terminal.
From the Vladivostok Rail Terminal to the Knevichi Airport.



Airport transfers to hotel/city, ship transfers and transfers between airports can all be prearranged whereever it may be required. Most transfers come with the option of English speaking guide or not.