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Domodedovo Airhotel

Airhotel offers its guests a modern hotel complex with a widely developed infrastructure, located in a forest tract approximately 500m away from the airport. Multi-level, with a high level of service, this hotel has a  comfortable atmosphere and can meet any requirements of the guests.
For your convenience, 24-hour free shuttle minibus is offered every 15 minutes between Moscow Domodedovo Airport and Domodedovo Aerotel.
The hotel complex comprises 299 rooms, Restaurant, Bar, Fitness Center and Business Center.
A convenient location, highly-skilled staff combined with all the necessary facilities makes for a cheerful and restful stay.


1) Free shuttle:

Any time you can order a bus from the Moscow Domodedovo airport for free which will take you to the Hotel (and the way back) within 10 minutes.
You can make an order:
By dialing 04 using any phone in the terminal
By turning to counter №38 of the registration hall/reception on the ground floor of the terminal.

2) Wi-Fi Internet;

3) Buffet breakfast;


Taxi service:

Taxi service will take you to the Airhotel from any airport or from Moscow with the speed of a glimpse.
Taxi service for the Guests of the Airhotel is available every day from 8am to 20 pm.
You can make an order from the hotel room; it is better to be made 30 minutes before the departure.

Domodedovo Airhotel itinerary:

Map for Domodedovo Airhotel