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Marine Trip on Avachinskaya Bay

Avachinskaya Bay has been described as the best natural harbour in the world. The city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy is nestled on the slopes. The bay is geographically as perfect as a city could hope for. It is large and deep, with a narrow opening which keeps out poor weather and ice. The harbour is open to shipping year round, and is also well protected from any tsunami waves created by earthquakes around the Pacific Ocean. Our marine tour is a unique opportunity to see the city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky from the sea, and explore the shores of Avachinskaya bay. From near the middle of the bay, both Koryaksky and Avacha volcanoes come into view behind the city. You will also have great views of the many fishing and freight ships that make this Port their home. Near the mouth of the bay, the Three Brothers are tall finger-like sea stacks, whose rock faces rise vertically out of the water, and stand guardian over
the Bay. On our 6 hour journey you will have the chance to fish in Tikhaya Bay. There are 32 species of fish found in Avacha Bay. Species include flat fish, rasp, sea perch, halibut and also all kinds of Pacific salmon are among them.
During this extended cruise you will be offered a picnic lunch with Ukha (Russian fish soup). You will have the opportunity to watch noisy colonies of sea birds including guillemot, puffins, sea gulls, cormorant, ducks, and, if we are lucky, we will be able to watch Sea Eagles in their natural habitats. You will be transferred back to your hotel on completion of the cruise.

We suggest you to bring the following:

• Warm clothes (weather can be changeable)
• Sunglasses and sunscreen
• Binoculars/ Camera


On 6 hour excursion lunch,

On 3 hour excursion tea/coffee and sandwiches,

Transfer (pick up and drop off at hotel);

Services of guides/ interpreters;


Alcoholic beverages

Marine Trip on Avachinskaya Bay itinerary:

Avachinskaya bay
You will be collected from your hotel and transferred to the trip starting point. At the conclusion of the trip you will be returned to your hotel.



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