Russian Tourist Visa

The Netherlands

When traveling to Russia, citizens of the Netherlands are required to have valid tourist visas. The standard processing time for a visa application is 5 working days (day of submission of the documents is included). Only in cases related to humanitarian or health reasons (need of urgent treatment, serious illness or death of a close relative) the visa can be issued the same day if the applications are supported by required documents.
If the urgency of the trip to Russia is proved by the supporting documents submitted by the applicant (e.g. proof of important unexpected visit, etc.) the visa can be issued within 3 working days. Please note that the copy of the applicant’s flight tickets cannot be considered as a proof of the urgency of the trip.

Documents required to apply for Tourist Visa:

  1. Filled in and signed application form, one per person;
  2. National passport (original);
  3. One professional passport sized (3,5 x 4,5 cm) photo;
  4. Visa support documents: an invitation, issued by the Russian hosting travel company, a tour voucher, a copy of your travel itinerary showing arrival and departure dates and insurance.

When all documents are ready, you must submit your application to  the Consular Department of the Embassy of the RF in the Netherlands

                                                                                                 Official Visa Requirements and Fees


  • Use our document preparation service which includes visa invitation, itinerary, review of your application (please contact us if this service is required).
  • Kindly ensure that the dates of your entry and exit, as entered in the application form, match with or fall within the period specified in the supporting documents.
  • Ideal time to start your visa process is 60 days prior to your departure.
  • If you plan to enter country more than once on your trip, you will need a double entry visa.
  • Your passport must be  valid for at least 6 months after the intended date of departure from Russia. At least two pages (side by side) of the passport should be free from notes.
  • Photos should be not more than 6 months old,  taken against light background and display a full frontal view of the face. Photo must be glued (not stapled!) on the visa application form strictly at reserved space.
  • Please note that it shall be explicitly mentioned in the insurance document that it is valid in Russia or worldwide. Copies of insurance cards are not admissible.

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